About Us!

Navigating Uncharted Life


We are a couple of twenty-somethings who have decided to step away from the routine of 9 to 5 life and venture out to new horizons.  Follow our blog as we hop and jaunt from place to place with only life as a destination.

Who are we:


“Have you ever seen a tiger pacing a cage?  That’s how I would describe Alyson after we’ve stayed in one spot for too long.  She’s an old hand at jaunting around; having spent her life hopping from Japan to Argentina, USA, BVI, New Zealand, the Philippines, China, Guam, etc.. Call it an adventurer’s spirit or just wanderlust, but the nomad life is in her blood.

You’ll never meet a girl more talented or capable.  She’s a marketing guru and a phenomenal graphic designer. Not to mention brilliant with people, tri-lingual, cooks delicious scrabbled eggs and killer margaritas. As a matter of fact, this entire blog is possible only because of her incredible web design skills.  That being said, I don’t think she would last a day without me around.”–John


“Still water runs deep…or so he’ll let us believe! Underneath his quiet demeanor and southern charm lies an old school adventure’s spirit. Organized and meticulous in his daily routine yet spontaneous and passionate when it comes to living life to the fullest.

On his first flight ever he flew out to Japan and ended up spending several life changing weeks. Now, having gotten the Philippines, the southern Caribbean, and Colombia under his belt, he is eager to add a few more notches. It seems the travel bug is contagious and he’s sure gotten it bad!

Extremely gifted when it comes to art he is currently sharpening up his guitar and music skills as well. Though mostly those thoughtful silences are just well disguised blank stares…”–Aly