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All Roads Lead to Your Website!


All Roads Lead to Your Website!

As it stands, you finally invested into developing a website you are proud to call your own and it is GREAT. The website looks slick, it meets all your business needs and you are primed and ready to bring your business into the information age and make the internet work for you.

The thing is though, not as many people are visiting your site as you initially envisioned. Your business has had a great site up and running for the past month and still you are not showing up on Google when you type in the most basic “Who, What and Where?” details of your business. For some strange reason, even with your great website, you’ve been given the slip and the information age has passed you by.

The strange reason no one is visiting your site and Google is failing to register the most basic of searches for your business is because of your SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the way that search engines like Google Chrome or Microsoft Bing find your site from amongst every other website on the internet.

If your website does not have effective SEO integration, then it will be harder for customers to find, thus making your great website less effective than need be.

A good way to think about a website in its relationship to SEO and attracting customers looking for your business is to imagine your website as a tourist town, SEO as the roads leading to your town and customers as passing motorists.

Your town is a hopping tourist town with lots to offer passing motorists when they actually get into the city limits, but unfortunately there is a single dirt road leading in and out of your town; nobody can get there easily and no one is really aware it exists. SEO are the signposts and roads which signal to motorists your town does exist and allow them to get to your town.

Basic SEO integration can be done by most web-developers and is part of any web package worth its salt. There are businesses however, which specialize in heightening the effectiveness of each individual site’s SEO capabilities to the last and final detail. These services are an additional cost to developing a website, but the results can take the breadth of your website’s reach to a whole other level.

By designing the right SEO infrastructure into your website, you allow search engines to easily find your website. The easier it is to find your website, the more effective your site will be and the more productive your investment of time and effort in building a website for your business will ultimately be.