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Bad Websites: Why Have One?


Bad Websites: Why Have One?

Hello folks, this is Houston from Hop & Jaunt. In this blog post, I am going to wax philosophical about bad websites. That is a good portion of my job; traversing the internet in search of businesses and people who recognize that they need to have a website for their business, but whose definition of what constitutes a website can be a bit varied. These people need help and guidance when it comes to showcasing their company online. With any luck, we can show them that we can be of help.

I have seen some otherwise prudent individuals go completely off the rails when it comes to questions about how they best want to present their organization online. In many ways, how you present your company online is one of the most crucial decisions you must make as a business owner. Virtually no phone sold today lacks an internet browser. For many people, the first way they interact with your company is from what they can find online and a bad first impression is hard to shake.

It does not matter how professional you conduct your business in person or how fine your brick and mortar location looks to the eye if you have a bad website. If your website looks shoddily made, then by extension your business will have that same connotation for its products and services.

In some instances, I have dealt with people who scanned a printed flyer they used for their print marketing campaign and attached the image to a domain name they bought for their business, thinking that a single static image with a phone number and no address or email information counted as website.

Bad websites do not have to be an issue for your business! And you don’t have to be scarred at the thought of working with a web-development agency to design and implement a good site for your business.  Again, I have worked with individuals to come up with solutions for the problems they were facing developing and effective online presence for their company and they started to freeze when talking about the different ways we could make their website pop up higher on search engines like Google through adjustments to their site’s content and search engine optimization.

Don’t be intimidated by the acronyms or jargon associated with getting an effective website for your company. We can help you to understand what you need for a site and how to achieve that goal, whether you need a straightforward site showcasing your construction business or a website for your retail outlet that can process online purchases.

In fact, one of the easiest ways for you can assess what your needs are for a website are by the same standards you judge other websites. You can do that by going through a short checklist of criteria, such as:

  •       Does my website look modern and fresh, or does it look like it was made in the late nineties?
  •       Does my site have all the relevant (physical address, phone, email) information? Does it make sense in the way the information flows? Can people easily find my contact details or do they have to read through my entire site to find out they have to search Google or Angie’s List to find a working number?
  •       Do all the features work? If there is a button that is supposed to take you to a certain webpage, does it take you to that webpage?
  •       When I type my business name in a search engine like Google, is my website the first result to pop up?


At Hop & Jaunt, we work with people all the time who need solutions to their web-development needs. Whether you are a startup needing to get your business established or an established company needing an effective online presence, we can provide the help you need to achieve that goal.