Curacao to Cartagena 455

Amazing Knockers

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Cartagena is home to some amazing knockers. Though plastic surgery is almost a national pastime here, we are not talking about the girls today. Sorry boys. Also known as “The Door To The Americas,” Cartagena boasts some of the most beautiful architecture in the Americas. Once you’ve strolled through the romantic streets of the old city you’ll understand why it’s been designated a world heritage site since 1984. We have walked these streets almost everyday since being in Colombia and still never tire of seeing something new in a building or plaza that we missed the last time around. The details that adorn the buildings and streets are what keep it so interesting. So today we will start with some of the details of the city that have fascinated us and from there pan out to the overall city and sights. I hope you find these knockers as fascinating as we did.

Cartagena City 034

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I would love to have one of these on my future door but I would need an amazing door to go along with it. Maybe something like this one here?

Curacao to Cartagena 442

Of course with a bigger door I would need a bigger house!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these knockers as much as we do, next up we will be panning out for a larger overview and tour of the historic downtown Cargtagena. Happy Holidays everyone!

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  1. Janet

    Those are Beautiful! Such detail! What a great rememberance of your trip if you had one, even a reproduction!

  2. Charles

    love the photos. your once in a life time world. enjoy, enjoy for you may get back in time to enjoy obamaworld.

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