Andalusia, AL – A Stroll Down Memory Lane

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It’s our third month in Andalusia, Alabama I am happy to report that HOP & JAUNT, LLC is doing well. Alyson and I couldn’t be prouder of our modest company. We had always wanted to start our own business. In the past we would spend hours pitching all kinds of crazy business ideas and company names to each other. I never would have thought that our business would end up being named HOP & JAUNT, …but I really like it. Its much better than my previous favorite name of “ThunderCORP”.

We’ve been back stateside for over 3 months now. Initially we had travel withdrawals upon arriving in Andalusia, Alabama, which made us feel depressed or anxious. Though we did get our picture on the front page of the Andalusia Star News that brightened our day! Since we’ve got the company going time has just flown by. We’ve been putting in some pretty heavy hours. We open up shop around 8 in the morning and usually close up sometime after 10pm. I have to say that it makes a difference working overtime when you are doing it for yourself.

Since we’ve been working so hard, today we decided to reward ourselves by going out and exploring a little bit of

my hometown, Andalusia, Alabama


Andalusia, AL
Welcome to Andalusia

We spent the morning exploring Andalusia, Alabama’s Town History Museum. Its a humble museum located in an old train depot, but inside we found some pretty cool things. Turns out the city had gotten it’s name not from Andalusia, Spain but from a legendary horse! How the city came to be named Andalusia is a story of local legend. Andalusian was the breed of a legendary white stallion name “Destinado”. The horse’s unmatched speed, strength and courage enabled Creek Indian Chief “Red Eagle” to escape capture while battling over land against white troops. Supposedly, the town square is built around the site of the horse’s burial place which was marked by a Poplar tree with the words “Destinado Andalusia” carved into the trunk. That’s the official story of how Andalusia, AL, became well…Andalusia!

Destinado Mural, Andalusia, AL
A Mural of the Legend of Andalusia


Walking through the museum was like stepping back into another era. Since we were the only two people there we were able to really take our time and get a personal tour from the curator. Admission to the museum is FREE.

Old Andalusia Alabama School Room
An Old Alabama School Room
Clark Family Log Cabin
The Clark Family Log Cabin
Clark Family Log Cabin Interior
The Old Clark Family Home
Alyson Playing Around in the Exhibit
Alyson had a fun time playing around in the exhibits.


An Old Bicycle
We were dying to take this baby a joy ride.


One of our favorite exhibits was the model train display. Since the museum is located in the old train depot there are plenty of railway antiques and train memorabilia. We spent about half an hour playing with the large model train set.

Alyson Playing with the Model Trains
Alyson Playing with the Model Trains
Model City of Andalusia
A Model City

There were some pretty neat things on exhibit. The curator opened up the displays to let us get a closer look at some.

Antique Glasses
Political Cartoon
We both thought that this Old Political Cartoon was pretty funny…and still relevant.


This book is called “The Ways of the HOBO” by A-No.1, the world famous tramp who traveled 500,000 miles on $7.51. We thought this would make a good budget backpacker guide.

The Ways of the HOBO
The original budget backpacker’s guide.
A Wheel Chair
a Wheel Chair
A Dental Chair


To show you a little bit about present day life in Andalusia, here are a few photos we took from walking around town.

Andalusia,AL CourtHouse
the Andalusia Courthouse on the town square.
Vetrans Memorial
the Vetrans Memorial
Vines on a Building
I like these Vines.
Heart Painted on a Window
Coffee Street Sign
Barber Shop
Mr. Wiggins Barber Shop.
Fire Escape
Clark Theater
The Clark Movie Theater. Alyson and I had our first date here over 8 years ago.
Dairy Queen
And of course we had ice cream afterwards at the Dairy Queen.


If your interested in visiting Andalusia, AL a good time to come will be during the Homecoming Festivities. November 11-14 will be a four-day celebration including parades, ceremonies, tours, art shows, concerts, sales, and an air show.

I will close out this blog with a funny video from a couple of fellow travelers Hamish & Andy. Hamsih and Andy are a comedy duo that host a radio show in Australia, and surprisingly enough visited Andalusia. I think this video sums up life here in Andalusia, AL just right.

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  1. Vicki

    Very interesting. I didn’t know some of this stuff about Andy town. I bet Laeton would love that train museum.

  2. Mandi

    1. The business picture is fabulous!
    2. I agree with mom…LR would LOVE those trains.
    3. Did you know your sister is married to one of Red Eagle’s descendants?
    4. I love that video!!!

    Another great post!!

  3. Mandi

    At 1:40, Anna’s car goes through the intersection behind them. She walked into the store to buy a drink during all of this.

  4. Michael

    Great post. Alyson has history there also as her name is on a trophy at the Andalusia Country Club.

  5. brenda neese

    thank you so much for this site i love it im from andalusia too and i live in mobile al this is so great to see this i love the clip on the arrest we need more on andalusia so hope you will get more of it .
    thank you so much .

  6. jayden wells

    How do u view the old hop and jaunt where u can see the hisory and pictures of andalusia alabama I can’t figure this out now

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