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ladies in denver


This May, the crew headed to Denver in order to launch an old client’s new endeavor. With a shared taste for adventure, Kelly Lewis and Hop & Jaunt have worked together on various projects over the years: from Travel Bug Juice, female-focused travel books, Go! Girl Guides and to the annual Women’s Travel Fest. Kelly’s latest venture, Damesly, aims to combine all three in a tour company and travel community for creative and professional women. Damesly caters to the working woman looking to explore exotic locales whilst growing personally and professionally. Each tailored trip involves creativity exercises, such as poetry writing, photography, or personal branding, as well as the opportunity to learn from and bond with peers. Hop & Jaunt was present to participate in the first Damesly tour, enjoying the sights and sounds of Colorado whilst collecting photographic and video content for the upcoming website and discussing brand strategy for how best to launch the new startup.

For the inaugural trip, “Riding + Writing,” the group convened on Friday night for a meet-and-greet over cocktails at Denver’s gorgeously renovated Union Station. Saturday we met in a park for some light yoga stretches and picnic lunch. The group also recited and wrote poetry, which was very touching. Then we piled into Kelly’s van and drove up to C Lazy U Ranch for horseback riding. It was an amazing sight to see 14 women on horseback walking along a breathtaking mountain landscape. After, we made a quick pit stop for a cocktail and some REDRUM chocolate at the Stanley Hotel – inspiration for the film adaptation of The Shining.

Sunday marked the chilliest day of the trip. We braved the cold to drive an hour outside of the city for a morning of white water rafting. Dressed in wetsuits, gloves, boots and helmets, the ladies took to the river to face the rapids. Afterwards, we rewarded ourselves with the tastiest BBQ from a local joint in a small vacation town.

Throughout the trip, the crew could be seen with camera in hand or GoPro on head, in order to capture footage for the new website launching soon. We are currently in the planning phase: writing copy, editing images, developing wireframes, mockups, designing UI/UX before going into the development phase. Look our for much more Damesly work and trips to come!

lunch in denver

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