Meet Houston Bates, Discovery and Development | Hop & Jaunt
We are an award-winning, independent creative agency based in New Orleans that thinks globally and acts locally. We build brands and companies alongside our clients, pushing creative boundary to turn ideas into reality.
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Meet Houston Bates, Discovery and Development


Meet Houston Bates, Discovery and Development

Hey folks, my name is Houston. My official title at Hop & Jaunt is “Discovery and Development”, which is a fancier way of saying I look for potential new clientele. I like the title because it fits in with the nautical theme we have going when we talk about our “crew” of people and our “fleet” of services. Also, I have been told I can eventually be promoted to the title of “Admiral” within the company using the company lingo, so that is quite nice to know.

I have been with the company since the start of August and have enjoyed the work immensely. It has been a thrill to collaborate with Alyson and John to help develop their company as it expands. The work they have been able to produce and the quality of the illustration is what initially attracted me to Hop & Jaunt. It is easy to sell a service for a company when you believe in the work they do.

Before I began at Hop & Jaunt, I had moved from Oklahoma to New Orleans a year earlier to see what life in the Crescent City was all about. I had lived abroad in Germany and other parts of Europe, so the fact that New Orleans drew heavily from those influencing cultures was a big pull for me.

I get the biggest kick out of the city, because in many regards it looks as if someone traveled to Spain, France, and a smattering of other European countries, really liked what they saw and tried to emulate that same aesthetic in New Orleans, but without taking any notes whatsoever. Honestly, it’s as if whenever someone wants to make something look classy in New Orleans, they go “Just put a tiny balcony on the second floor with a lot of wrought iron and a heap of Fleur de Lis. That’s a classic piece of French architecture!”

Moving to New Orleans has been a great experience. I enjoy the city (although the roads are a different matter altogether) and I derive a lot of pleasure from my work. I get to speak with many different types of people and help them meet a need to grow their business. In any job I have ever had, there has either been a sense of working together to accomplish a shared goal or the feeling that payday could not come soon enough. Thankfully at Hop & Jaunt, the feeling is not the latter.