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We are an award-winning, independent creative agency based in New Orleans that thinks globally and acts locally. We build brands and companies alongside our clients, pushing creative boundary to turn ideas into reality.
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All Roads Lead to Your Website!

As it stands, you finally invested into developing a website you are proud to call your own and it is GREAT. The website looks slick, it meets all your business needs and you are primed and ready to bring your business into the information age...

Startup Stock Photos

How A Good Website Can Help Achieve Your Business Goals

A small business faces many challenges on a day-in-day-out basis which tests its ability to remain viable. Retaining talent in the workforce, ensuring your work process results every time in a consistent, quality end product, fending off competition from rival companies; at times, it may...

WebSummit In Lisbon

Lisbon & WebSummit

"There is no longer such a thing as a ‘tech’ industry – just industries that have been affected by tech. Just as the first industrial revolution 250 years ago left an indelible mark on the lives of the people who lived through it, tech is...

Lobo Office Pup


Lobo is Hop & Jaunt’s office pup. He was a rescued puppy from Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter on April 14th and has been a loyal crew member ever since. He is also the inspiration for our series of illustrated gifs found in the footer of...

New Orleans Christmas Illustration


It’s been a busy year here at Hop & Jaunt Creative. Now that the weather is finally cooling off, the crew is looking forward to having some fun over the holidays and spending some time with friends and loved ones. But we’ve had a good time...


Bad Websites: Why Have One?

Hello folks, this is Houston from Hop & Jaunt. In this blog post, I am going to wax philosophical about bad websites. That is a good portion of my job; traversing the internet in search of businesses and people who recognize that they need to...


Meet Houston Bates, Discovery and Development

Hey folks, my name is Houston. My official title at Hop & Jaunt is “Discovery and Development”, which is a fancier way of saying I look for potential new clientele. I like the title because it fits in with the nautical theme we have going...

john clark iv


Hello. I’m John the Art Director here at Hop & Jaunt. I'm the guy who is always drawing, always sketching, often quietly working at my desk, headphones on, and drinking numerous cups of black coffee. One of my proudest creations is Hop & Jaunt Creative, which I...



The Crew launched a New Orleans children's ABC coloring book with our friends at Dirty Coast. Each letter of the alphabet represents something in New Orleans and is accompanied by an adorable illustration. In addition to the coloring book, there are kids tshirts, flash cards and more gear...