FREE MY INK | Hop & Jaunt
Free My Ink tattoo removal startup in the New Orleans bywater neighborhood. We created the logo, branding, and web design along with printed collateral for the grand opening.
tattoo removal, free my ink, branding, logo, web design, UI, UX, print, collateral, business cards, edgy, hip, vibe, tattoo removal, cover up, startup, tech
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Logo, branding, and website design for New Orleans-based tattoo removal startup, Free My InkThe company uses pioneering laser technology specializing in the cover-up, removal, and rejuvenation of old tattoos, a process reflected in the animated logo.


We established the look-and-feel, UI/UX, branding, and logo concept in order to separate the brand from other competitors. Moving away from the sterile, doctor’s office feel, we created a hip, yet approachable brand persona that works with tattoo artists, not against, by focusing on retouching and cover-ups. After the digital presence was established, we created print collateral including business cards, promo cards, and flyers leading up to the business’ grand opening.


Branding, Illustration, Print, UI/UX