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Aline was a co-organizer, Hannah designed the tshirts and posters, and Aly donated her time as a coach.

Startup Weekend Education took place over the weekend at Loyola University’s Miller Hall. Startup Weekend is a national weekend-long hackathon for startup ideas in its 4th year in New Orleans. This was the inaugural education-focused Startup Weekend, thanks to a partnership with 4.0 Schools, a local education startup incubator.

Aline was a co-organizer along with Chris Groh, Dave Guilford and Malliron Hodge from 4.0 Schools. Her responsibilities included recruiting sponsors for the event in the form of either prizes or meals, volunteering Hannah to design the tshirt, and recruiting friends from Proofhouse to get the Facebook page up and running. During the event, she picked up and organized meals and live Tweeted updates with help from Tech Talent South Community Organizer, Taryn Guidry. Friday night kicked off with 8 participants pitching their ideas to the crowd. Everyone then voted and formed teams around the top 3 ideas.

On Saturday, each team brainstormed, planned, and practiced their pitch with coaching and feedback from experienced local entrepreneurs. Aly came Saturday afternoon and helped each team come up with a prototype and mockup for their product: two apps and a card game.

Sunday the teams wrapped up their ideas and put them into a presentation deck with the mockups. Each team had 7 minutes to pitch to the 3 local judges, all with startup and education backgrounds.

Hannah designed a thoughtful concept for the tshirts and poster. Inspired by famous pioneers and explorers, she incorporated designs of Sacagawea, Ernest Shackleton and Amelia Earnhardt in her signature geometric style.

Aline worked with Christine from Vivid Ink to print the posters, and sponsor Purple Monkey to print the tshirts on a super soft vintage grey wash.

Overall, the team had a great weekend, helping support students, educators and startup enthusiasts bring their ideas to life in just 54 hours.